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Sahradyan Team


Aram Sahradyan

CEO and Head of Product

Coder and photographer in one. Making quality things people want since 1989


Shushan Harutyunyan

Project manager

She’s the one who knows the most about the satisfaction of the client and is responsible for all processes between client and our geeks.


Seda Sahradyan

QA Manager, Head of Quality

She’d love to break your code but if you put music on then she’ll kindly do it while dancing.


Katrin Jakimets

Head of Operations

Youngest one, who makes sure that all information is up to date, projects run smoothly and clients are happy!


Pavel Fiss

Graphic Designer, Creative head

He’s designing since he was born. And now creativity is a drug he cannot live without.


Vladimir Kamensky

Video Team Manager & Specialist

This guy is special cause people say he sees 100 frames per second and can turn on the camera without hands.


Valentin Savchenko

Head of Digital Marketing

Making your digital sales go through the roof. His passion to Digital Marketing blows everyone away.